More jobs, product line unveiled in Hartford
Broan-NuTone announces as many as 40 jobs


Sept. 24, 2015

Employees of Broan-NuTone in Hartford work on a production line Wednesday created for the company’s InVent Series of ventilation fans. The company announced at a news conference as many as 40 jobs will be created by the introduction of the product line and the related manufacturing process at the Hartford facility.    
Joe VanDeLaarschot/Daily News

HARTFORD — An investment of $11 million and the creation of as many as 40 jobs illustrates Broan-NuTone’s commitment to Hartford and southeast Wisconsin.

Officials for the ventilation product manufacturer held a news conference Wednesday at the company’s global headquarters to announce the introduction of a product line, the moving of several jobs from overseas to the Hartford plant and the creation of more than three dozen jobs to manufacture the line — the InVent Series.

Company Group President Jeff Mueller said the company is proud to make such a large investment in the community.

“This continues our long relationship with Hartford,” Mueller said. “We’re proud to create more good paying jobs in Wisconsin and bring jobs to the area from overseas.”

Mueller said the production line will create one product about every 4.1 seconds.

“(It) will help meet our customers’ demands and be more efficient,” Mueller said. “It will allow us to keep our inventory low, but still meet changes and requests from our customers quickly.”

Mueller said he knows the investment means a great deal to the community.

“This was an investment of $11 million in this community and it shows how proud we are to create our product here and how well our employees work to make quality products,” Mueller said. “We are creating good paying jobs — workers can earn $20 an hour or more and they have great benefits.”

Mueller and others at the event also said they were proud the company was making a huge investment “with no government help.”

“I think that shows the commitment this company has for this community,” said Common Council President Tim Michalak. “They were more than willing to make such a huge financial investment on their own with no help from state, local or national government.”

Broan-NuTone Director of Marketing and Communications Michael Troka previously said customers will see another quality product to answer customer demand.

“The new series of ventilation fans we hope will be a workhorse for our retail and wholesale product line,” Troka said.

Mueller said the new production line started with 30 new full-time jobs and about 20 temporary assistants.

“The number of fulltime jobs could go up to about 40,” Mueller said. “And that doesn’t even include the jobs that are being created due to this at the companies who provide materials and supplies for our new product line.”

Mueller cited Sussex Plastics and Green Bay Packaging as at least two companies that will benefit from increased business from Broan Nu-Tone.

Tiffany Prasser, who has worked for Broan-NuTone for several years, will also be on the new line.

“These are great jobs being created and we’re all so happy to see another example of how this company is committed to Hartford and the area,” Prasser said. “This shows they want to stay here and they have faith in the employees who create the product and serve the customers.”

Bryan Feistel, who has worked for the company for more than two decades, said the new product line is an answer to customer demand.

“Working with this new line could be a great way cap my career with the company,” Feistel said.

The company said the Hartford production plant covers 500,000 square feet.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch also took part in Wednesday’s ceremony.


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