Raised Grain Brewing Company permit OK’d
Owners plan to open this summer

By Sarah Pryor - Freeman Staff

Jan. 15, 2015

WAUKESHA — Dr. Scott Kelley, Nick Reistad and Kevin Brandenburg hope they can serve you a cold one this summer, and the Plan Commission is on board.

Wednesday night, the commission unanimously approved a conditional use permit for Raised Grain Brewing Company, planned for 2244 W. Bluemound Road.

The men plan to open a 2,480-square-foot craft brewery featuring unique styles and tastes, and they have an eye toward regional expansion.

According to their business plan, they believe Waukesha is a great market for a craft brewery and it’s completely unrepresented in the craft beer craze.

They told the commission Wednesday night that they all have ties to Waukesha, and hope to be open by summer 2015 so they can contribute to the local community.

Kelley has some background in the brewing industry, as his father was CFO for La Crosse-based G. Heileman Brewing Company. Reistad, a marketing professional, and Brandenburg, who has experience in starting new businesses, round out the team for a brewery whose mission statement is “Boldly Brewed Beers.”

The brewery will have a tasting room featuring “exciting evolutions not constrained by traditional beer styles,” like an IPA that becomes a “veritable taste bud trip through hops east to west,” according to the men’s business plan.

However, the commission is holding off on a decision to add brewing-related language to the city’s zoning code until hearing recommendations about how much of a part size should play in a proposal.

Mayor Shawn Reilly facetiously mentioned something the size of Miller planning a brewery in Waukesha, and said he believes the city needs a long-term plan.