City prepared to help 3 business expansions
Special meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday

By DAVE RANK - Daily News

June 21, 2014

 Construction continues on the site for MD Design & Automation Inc. along
South River Road on Friday evening in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

WEST BEND - A special meeting of the West Bend Common Council is set for Monday night to discuss and possibly approve three financial assistance plans to assist three companies expanding their presence in the city.

They are Regal Ware Worldwide, GrandCare Systems LLC and MD Design & Automation Inc., which is moving from Menomonee Falls into a facility under construction in the River Road Industrial Park.

“I think it’s very exciting news for the city of West Bend,” City Administrator T.J. Justice said Friday afternoon.

The three projects total more than $5 million in private investments in the city and more than 50 “good-paying jobs,” Justice said.

The Common Council session starts at 5:30 p.m. Monday at City Hall, 1115 S. Main St.

First meeting as the Finance Committee, the council will go into closed sessions to discuss revolving loans applications for MD Design and Regal Ware, as well as a business development agreement for Grandcare. In open session, the council will take action on approving the loans and business agreement.

Economic Development Washington County has partnered with the city to provide financial incentives for two of the projects, Justice said. The projects:

GrandCare Systems LLC

Leasing 3,500 square feet at 327 N. Main St., GrandCare wants to lease a larger facility downtown. “We need to expand our facilities. We’re adding on staff,” CEO Dan Maynard said Friday. “We had an interest in staying in downtown. The city went out of their way to see that we did.”
GrandCare markets digital health monitoring and socializing technology for the elderly. It has a staff of 14. “We hope to double that over the next couple years,” Maynard said.

MD Design & Automation Inc.

A tool and die company, MD Design is building a $900,000 office-manufacturing- warehouse facility in the River Road Industrial Park, and planning to move its entire operation from Menomonee Falls to West Bend. The company will relocate 13 employees and plans to add two more, Justice said.

Regal Ware Worldwide

Headquartered in Kewaskum, the manufacturer of stainless steel and cast aluminum cookware has its production plant on Schmidt Road in West Bend. The company wants to expand its production capabilities in the West Bend factory, Justice said.

Regal Ware has 186 employees in West Bend and wants to add 27 more over the next few years. Justice described Regal Ware’s proposal as a “multimillion dollar investment.”

Regal Ware’s President and CEO Jefferey Reigle said he would defer comment on the proposal until after Monday.

“I am excited to reach the approval stage with three more projects,” Justice said, pointing out that each involves a different category of business from GrandCare, an entrepreneur firm, MD Design, a small manufacturer, to Regal Ware, a major manufacturer in the community.

Earlier this year, the city approved an economic development package to assist Federal Tool & Engineering LLC to expand its facilities in West Bend and move its operations from Cedarburg.

Justice said the city is considering several other project proposals for economic development assistance.