Rosatiís opens in Grafton
Area franchise is unique among 164 in 13 states

By Melanie Boyung - News Graphic Staff

Dec. 2, 2014

 Employees Melissa Redmond and Collin Mueller check a pizza in the oven.
Photo by Mark Justesen

In a shifting economy, some businesses downsize and some leave town, but Terence Goodman has found that there is always a place for good pizza.

Rosatiís Pizza, a Chicago-style pizza and Italian restaurant located at 1955 Wisconsin Ave., opened in Grafton Oct. 5. Theyíve been doing well ever since.

ďWe didnít anticipate the rush we got when we opened,Ē Goodman said.

Rosatiís is part of the My Rosatiís franchise. The franchise began in 1964, based on a family tradition of Italian restaurants begun in 1895 by Ferdinand Rosati in New York and then Chicago. As the restaurant tradition was passed through generations, it grew and eventually moved beyond the original Rosati family, which still owns it.

Goodman is on his second Rosatiís location; the first was a carry-out pizza place in Brookfield. In Grafton, he has opened a Rosatiís Pizza Pub, a fairly new part of the business. According to the website, there are only seven pizza pubs out of 164 locations in 13 states.

The restaurant serves pizza, pasta, Italian sandwiches and desserts. The restaurant has a newly remodeled facility for dine-in, as well as a newly furnished kitchen prepared for inhouse customers, carry out, delivery and catering service.

Goodmanís background and education are in finance, with previous jobs at Baird and JP Morgan. He said the numbers and business aspect of his new restaurant come fairly easily to him.

ďThe hard part is getting in here and making sure things run consistently. It really boils down to trusting people,Ē Goodman said.

Goodman is hoping Rosatiís will have a lasting place in Grafton. When he decided to open a Rosatiís Pizza Pub, he chose Grafton because he believed it would be a good fit. The growth in the area, combined with the close-knit, community feel, presented Grafton as a good place to make a home for his restaurant.

ďGrafton is a place where itís growing, but it feels like an old feel. Itís in between, it feels more like family,Ē Goodman said.


1955 Wisconsin Ave. Grafton 377-7557

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