Study: 3.7% of Wis. workers employed by foreign-owned firms

Special to The Freeman

June 20, 2014

MILWAUKEE There are fewer Wisconsin workers being employed by foreign-owned establishments compared to other parts of the country, according to a Brookings Institution report.

The report, which tracks where foreign direct investment is occurring throughout the country, found that less than 3.7 percent of Wisconsin workers are employed by foreign establishments.

FDI in U.S. Metro Areas provides new data to inform decision-making and improve understanding of FDI, its potential, and its subnational geography. The report provides a survey of jobs in majority foreign-owned business establishments located across the U.S. landscape with a focus on the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas by population, according to the report.

Large metropolitan areas like Milwaukee experience foreign investment, on average, from 33 different countries, the report showed.

The top Wisconsin industries with the most jobs in foreign-owned establishments include agriculture, construction and mining machinery; commercial banks; nursing care facilities; motor vehicle parts; and electrical equipment, according to the report.