85 years - and going strong
Tri-Par Qwik Stop celebrates anniversary of family-run business

By Craig McCarthy - News Graphic Correspondent

Oct. 13, 2015

The Tri-Par Qwik Stop on Washington Road in Cedarburg is one of seven locations throughout the region.

Those visiting the Tri-Par Qwik Stop this month in Cedarburg on Wauwatosa Road, or any of the other six locations in the region, may notice something unique.

To celebrate the company’s 85th anniversary in business, Tri-Par is offering deals in which many of the items in their stores are only 85 cents.

“You see statistics all the time. Most businesses don’t last this long,” said Steve Gall.

He and his brother Mark are in charge of the operations for the seven, gas station convenience, stores covering four counties. According to Gall, the promotions they’re running are a thank you to the loyal area customers who have seen this family business grow over the decades.

“The business was started by my grandfather, Herbert, back in 1930,” Gall said. “He actually delivered fuel to farmers door-to-door, literally by the bucket full.”

From there, the business expanded and in the late ‘40s, Herbert had saved enough money to open a retail location in Cedarburg, which at that time meant having fuel pumps at the curb.

“They built their first ‘real’ gas station in 1955,” Gall said.

While he grew up around Tri-Par, it wasn’t until after he graduated from college in 1986 that he actually got more involved in the family business.

“My father ended up buying the business from his two brothers in 1985,” Gall said.

He transitioned from his first job out of college to working with his father and brother and has been with Tri-Par. ever since.

“Having the business be in the family for generations means a lot,” he said. He also realizes that it’s meant a lot to the communities and families in which their stores are located.

Right now, with fuel prices relatively low, he is seeing an increase in sales, not only in gasoline, but also the items at all of his convenient stories.

“The more money the consumer has in his or her pocket benefits all retailers,” Gall said

For now the 85-cent promotions at Tri-Par will run through October.