CJ’s Premium Spices wants to zest up your life - organically
Local business launches rebranding, increases distribution

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

May 13, 2015

CJ’s Premium Spices is an all organic spice mix company. The dill dip, pictured, is made with 11 different organic spices and prepared in an organic and kosher certified kitchen in Oconomowoc.  
Eric Oliver/Freeman Staff

OCONOMOWOC - Not only can you pronounce every ingredient in CJs Premium Spices, but you can identify each spice or herb incorporated into the blend, said co-owner Laura Swan.

Since she and her husband, Alan, bought out a third partner to take over Captain Jeff’s this past fall, they decided to focus more on creating organic, gluten-free spice blends, such as CJ’s Premium Potato Salad Mix, which has a patent pending.

In addition to changing the name of the business, the Swans have also focused on its rebranding. She said the name CJ’s Premium Spices reflects the name of their son, CJ, and their belief in bringing “culinary joy in a packet” through the high-quality spices blends.

“We wanted to make sure we were relevant within the food industry as well,” Swan said, referring to the branding of culinary joy.

From left, Laura and Alan Swan are rebranding to become CJ's Premium Spices. Their spice mixes are all organic and hand mixed. 
Eric Oliver/Freeman Staff

Even though the business is only a little more than a year old, Swan said they have built an 1,100-square-foot certified organic and kosher kitchen in Oconomowoc. CJ’s Premium Spices’ office is in Hartland. The Oconomowoc kitchen had room for the business to grow, which is good, Swan said, because business has already been picking up.

While growing the business with an increased focus on organic and natural blends, Swan said they remain committed to their loyal established fans.

Swan said there are no preservatives in CJs Premium Spices and everything on the label is easy to pronounce. Even without the additives, Swan said their products have about an 18-month shelf life.

Each bottle of herbs and spices is hand-blended, she said. “The integrity of the spice itself is maintained,” Swan said.

The Premium Potato Salad Mix is one product that CJs is building its reputation around, because there is no other potato salad mix on the market, Swan said. Also, it’s easy to make. All a person has to do is blend the spices with a cup of mayonnaise and boiled potatoes.

The other spice blend that CJs is making is the Premium Dill Dip Mix, which is a blend of 11 organic herbs and spices. Additional spice blends are being developed.

Going forward, Swan said CJs has expanded its distribution to include Sendik’s Fine Foods, Sendik’s Food Markets, Good Harvest Market, Albrecht’s Sentry Delafield Market and Gooseberries Fresh Food Market. You can also find them at the farmers markets in Oconomowoc and Delafield.


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