Partnership Bank expanding into Time Warner Cable space
Cable company will close Cedarburg store Friday

By Denise Seyfer - News Graphic Staff

Sept. 9, 2014

CEDARBURG — As banks and credit unions continue to find ways to stand out in a crowded competitive marketplace, Partnership Bank – a branch of First Bank in Tomah and a member of the Partnership Community Bancshares – plans to expand into the space occupied by Time Warner Cable at N61 W529 Washington Ave., due to an increasing customer base.

The cable office will be closing as of Friday. TWC Spokesman Michael Pedalty said the company’s lease was scheduled to be up and the building’s owner did not renew it.

Partnership Community Bancshares President David Braaten said they are humbled by the growing support of “towns people” coming back to bank with the associates they knew from the former Ozaukee Bank leadership team.

“Our client base has grown beyond our expectations,” he said.

Portions of the business were operating out of the former Barth’s at the Bridge building on Columbia Road, which is owned by Mal Hepburn and is where Partnership has a lease until 2015.

The space being freed up allows the bank to consolidate its corporate headquarters under one roof, reaffirming its commitment to create jobs and drive economic growth in Ozaukee County.

“You can’t underestimate the camaraderie, energy and pride of a community when a company moves its corporate headquarters into the community,” Braaten said.

He added that there is ownership now, which only gets stronger when the corporation grows as it has more resources to support the local economy.

Partnership Bank purchased the Tri City building at W61 N529 Washington Ave. in June 2013.

Since 2011, the number of associates in Cedarburg has increased from six to 38, which is a 533 percent increase. Partnership Bank anticipates adding an additional 15 associates over the next two years, increasing its staff by 40 percent. Six of those staff members will be at the Mequon branch, Braaten said.

“We are truly sorry to see Time Warner leave the space and wish them continued success,” Braaten said. “Time Warner has been a good partner and we (enjoyed) their presence in our building.”

Partnership plans to open a new office in Mequon on Sept. 15 at 11740 N. Port Washington Road.

Braaten said the bank’s reasons for expanding into Mequon include:

■ Filling a void in the marketplace as community members yearn for the Ozaukee Bank way of service

■ Returning profits back into Ozaukee County to help locally

■ Keeping decision making within the community

■ Having an understanding of the community “It’s really good to be invited back to where there are strong supporters who believe what we believe and are willing to support us by moving their banking back to us,” Braaten said.

TWC customers are encouraged to use the company’s online services or apps, which have become an increasingly popular way to do business, Pedalty said. To go to the company’s website, visit