Shumway Dental expands, opens Kewaskum office

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

May 20, 2014

Owner Christopher Shumway smiles as he talks about the new offices of Shumway Dental on Thursday afternoon in Kewaskum. Shumway Dental is expanding their offices from Slinger to Kewaskum and will officially open the week of Wednesday, May 20.
Photo by John Ehlke 

KEWASKUM — Christopher Shumway, owner of Shumway Dental, decided to expand to Kewaskum after outgrowing his office in Slinger.

Shumway Dental will open today at 1020 Fond du Lac Ave., Kewaskum. The business is in the old Aurora building.

“When this building became available it was kind of hard not to pass up,” Shumway said. “It was a perfect layout already.

“The reason this building was good for a dental office was because it had a lot of the plumbing and electric and computers. That’s the expensive part of the building,” Shumway added.

Shumway said he didn’t change much of the building other than paint, install new cabinetry and flooring. The renovation took two months.

Cheryl Osmus, one of Shumway’s hygienists and assistants, said it’s been crazy getting the office ready.

“You don’t think about the little things that you need because in Slinger we have everything,” Osmus said.

One of the hygienist rooms at Shumway Dental on Thursday afternoon in Kewaskum.
Photo by John Ehlke 

Osmus, who is from Theresa, said she is looking forward to meeting new people.

Beth Kuehl of Slinger has been going to Shumway for about five years. She said she came to him with a teenager who needed work.

“I heard good things about Shumway and his ability to handle younger people,” Kuehl said.

Shumway said his niche is pediatric dentistry and his plan is to turn an area of the Kewaskum office into a pediatric wing.

“It’s a lot less intimidating for a kid if they come into an area that’s not trendy grays and whites, but fun colors,” Shumway said.

Kuehl said Shumway does a great job educating his patients.

“I never heard a doctor say brush at a 45-degree angle,” Kuehl said laughing.

An orthopantomograph OP30 in the hallway at Shumway Dental on Thursday afternoon in Kewaskum. 
Photo by John Ehlke 

The challenging part about opening an office in Kewaskum for Shumway is getting known in the community.

“When I came to Slinger … I grew up in Cedarburg, but I didn’t know many people,” Shumway said.

“It took a couple years because our biggest referral source as dentists is our patients. When you come into town knowing no one that’s the biggest thing.”

Shumway is hoping to conquer that challenge by getting more involved in the community.

Shumway said he offers modern dentistry in a family orientated environment.

“Root canals, bridges, extractions and dentures,” Shumway said. “If we don’t do it, there’s a lot of good specialists we work with. “I understand we’re scary people and we’re here to make it relaxing,” he said. “We have a lot of dental phobic people who end up converting. I have another 30 years of practicing left. I’m not a corporation. We take most insurances. Dentistry is expensive. We like to help patients as much as we can. If they’re looking for a dentist that’s going to be here for the next 30 years, that’s going to be us.”

Shumway will be open in Kewaskum on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. He said he’s hoping to add Fridays in the fall.