Costco recruiters set up shop in tents around New Berlin

By Sophie Carson - Special to The Freeman

Aug. 26, 2015

NEW BERLIN- To boost membership numbers ahead of its much-anticipated new store opening in New Berlin, Costco is taking its operations roadside.

With the new location set to open Nov. 6, Costco has opened a temporary recruitment office near the City Center with two purposes: Hire new employees and sell store memberships to the community.

Recruiters at the office, explained the new store’s general manager Jenn Joven, recognized the lack of a very visible member signup location, so they decided to set up tents around the city. Each has an employee, membership forms, and informational literature.

“It’s good for people to know we are coming. We’ve created a lot of buzz and a few signups through that process,” Joven said of the outdoor structures.

As for the future Costco workforce, Joven said the hiring process is nearly completed; the 150 newly hired employees plus 57 others who are transferring from nearby locations almost totals the 210 workers necessary to open the store.

“We’ve hired people from the surrounding area,” Joven said. “We’ve hired people from New Berlin, Muskego, Mukwonago, Milwaukee - all over.”

Recruiters are preparing to place another informational booth at the upcoming Muskego Community Festival (running Thursday through Sunday), a community integration move that echoes its up-close-and-personal tent signup efforts.

Because patrons shopping at Costco must be members, it is imperative to recruiters that the store have customers when it opens.

“We want to be a part of community events, and hopefully in turn we get the memberships,” Joven said. “We want to get our name out there.”

Joven indicated that the warehouse club will continue to have a strong presence in New Berlin, from involvement in more community events to hiring local residents.

“It is really great to provide jobs to the surrounding areas that we are in. The employees we have hired locally are aware of the surrounding areas,” she said.

Costco offers two kinds of memberships: the executive membership, which costs $110 and gives customers 2 percent back on all purchases; and the gold star/business membership, which costs $55.

Those signing up now can use their memberships at any area Costco in the three months before the New Berlin store opens, free of charge, in addition to the year-long membership deal.

To sign up for a membership, please go to one of the tents located around New Berlin or visit the temporary office at 15435 W. National Avenue.