Plan Commission to consider 144-unit development

By ALEX ZANK - Daily News

July 3, 2015

WEST BEND - After its three-day weekend, West Bend government will have a lot on its hands, from cats to building concepts.

The city’s Plan Commission meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday to consider a plan of a 144-unit, multi-family residential complex south of the intersection of West Progress Drive and Sylvan Way.

Development LLC of Watertown submitted the plan.

The plan “is somewhat consistent” with what is laid out for that area in the city’s comprehensive plan, City Planner Mark Piotrowicz said.

The comprehensive plan lays out areas for two- and multi-family housing at the site. This proposal would combine those into multifamily units. “(The developers) are asking for an acknowledgment that the use and density that they’re proposing is acceptable to the city,” Piotrowicz said.

If the city endorses the plan, there would be steps involved, including a formal amendment, applying permanent zoning to the property, creating the lots and dedicating the road and a formal site plan approval.

The city will also hold public hearings. “At the earliest, this is a 2016 development,” Piotrowicz said.