Outlook good for town of Cedarburg businesses
Survey shows anticipated hiring increases, overall satisfaction

By Lisa Curtis - News Graphic Staff

Nov. 17, 2015

CEDARBURG —An increasing workforce, rising sales and a positive growth outlook were among the findings reported in a recent survey among town of Cedarburg business owners.

The survey had a 49 percent return rate, with 39 out of 79 possible businesses responding.

The retail and professional services sectors comprised more than half of the respondents, with each representing 26 percent. That was followed by personal services, with 13 percent, manufacturing 8 percent and health care, construction, media and communications, transportation and logistics and hospitality and entertainment comprising 5 percent each. Wholesale trade firms had 3 percent.

The respondents also represented some of the newest and oldest businesses in town, with 15 percent there for more than 20 years and 14 percent fewer than five years.

Nearly a third said they expected to see an increase in employees, while 56 percent thought it would stay the same. The overwhelming majority of respondents reported having 10 or fewer employees.

Respondents also showed reported news on the business growth front, with 64 percent saying they had increased sales and revenue over the past five years and 82 percent expecting increased sales in the next five years. Another 18 percent expected sales to stay the same, and 0 percent said they would see a decrease.

When asked what factors positively contribute to their business, 29 percent said quality of life in the area. Other results included:

Skilled, available workforce

Entrepreneurial environment

Proximity to suppliers

Town policies

Access to financing

Respondents were also asked if the “absence of municipal water” positively contributed to their business, but 0 respondents said it did.

In terms of overall satisfaction, 87 percent said they were satisfied, with 31 percent very satisfied. Thirteen percent reported being dissatisfied.

Town Chairman Dave Valentine said he is not surprised by the results or the overall approval of business owners in the town, though he is pleased.

“You go nine years in a row without an increase in taxes, people tend to like that,” Valentine said.

To see the survey in its entirety, go to www.town.cedarburg.wi.us.