Report finds Wisconsin as one of most attractive states for doctors

Special to The Freeman

March 31, 2015

WAUKESHA – Wisconsin is ranked as the 6th Best State on the 2015 Best and Worst States for Doctors, according to a report issued by the personal financing website, WalletHub.

The report uses 12 key metrics - ranging from average annual wages and salary disparities to patient population size and and state medial board punitiveness - to rank each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

Wisconsin scored relatively high in multiple categories, with the scale as follows: number one rank being most attractive and number 25 rank being average.

A few of the main rankings for Wisconsin’s Attractiveness for Doctors are:

•     9th – Average Annual Wages (cost of living adj.)

•     22nd – Projected Physicians per Capita (2022)

•     19th – Projected Percentage of Population over 65 by 2030

•     7th – Insured Population Rate

•     6th – State Medical Boards Punitiveness

•     3rd – Malpractice Payouts per Capita

•     1st – Malpractice Insurance Cost

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