Cedarburg Toy Company embraces new location

By Denise Seyfer - News Graphic Staff

Nov. 4, 2014

Natasha and Zachary Loos are basking in the sunshine of their new Cedarburg Toy Co. storefront at W62 N583 Washington Ave.
Photo by Denise Seyfer

CEDARBURG — With a grand opening planned during the Cedarburg Merchants Organization’s Holiday Window Unveiling Nov. 14, Cedarburg Toy Company owners Zachary and Natasha Loos will celebrate in a new storefront and offer giveaways and discounts perfect for holiday shoppers.

The couple, Cedarburg natives, decided from the beginning to exclusively sell products made locally or in the U.S.

“As far as we know, we are the only toy store offering solely American-made products in the entire country,” said Zachary Loos.

Although sticking to their mission has had some limitations, they quickly developed a loyal fan base; so much so, that they were ready to make the move from space in the Washington Avenue Shoppes to their own space.

The Loos remodeled the former Castle CPA office at W62 N583 Washington Ave. in downtown Cedarburg, and opened the doors Oct. 17.

“We had gone on a soul-searching journey around the country and were alarmed by the homogenization of small town America – it seemed every community had the same handful of stores and they’d lost their individuality,” Natasha Loos said. “We knew when we came home that we wanted to do some-thing that would celebrate the unique character of our area.”

Natasha Loos, a former nanny, had a deep love of children and, with the retiring of B.J. Beck’s, a toy store felt like a good fit; Cedarburg Toy Co. was born in April 2011. 

Cedarburg Toy Co., along with many downtown Cedarburg businesses, will be open every Friday night through Christmas for the CMO’s #TCIF, or Think Cedarburg ... It’s Friday! campaign. 

For more information, visit the Cedarburg Toy Co. Facebook Page or call 377-7224.

Denise Seyfer can be reached at dseyfer@conleynet.com.