Von Maur to use upscale materials in design at The Corners
Department store to have copper roofs, stone façade

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

May 21, 2015

TOWN OF BROOKFIELD - A brief description was given of the plans for the Von Maur store at The Corners development during the Architectural Control committee meeting Wednesday - and committee members appeared impressed by the upscale details incorporated into the design for the high-end department store.

The committee unanimously gave preliminary approval of the Von Maur suite at The Corners, which will be a lifestyle development including retail and residential space near the intersection of Bluemound and Barker roads.

Andrea Aggertt with Shrive-Hattery, Inc. said the roofing material, including that for the cupolas, would be made of copper imported from Germany with a pre-patina treatment. By having the copper treated, it won’t change color with time. When asked about screening for the generator, Aggertt said the exact location hasn’t been determined but Von Maur believes it’s a high priority to provide adequate screening.

She said most of the facility will be brick or stone. Exterior holiday lighting was also discussed during the meeting. Very small light bulbs would be permanently installed on the building’s exterior and would only be visible when turned on during the holiday shopping season from November until January.

There will also be two lounges for people to rest. A lounge area with windows and seating will be on the lower level outside the women’s restroom, Aggertt said, adding there will likely be drapery or shutters to adjust the light coming in through the windows. There will also be a smaller lounge area outside the men’s restrooms on the upper level.

The Architectural Control committee also gave unanimous preliminary approval for the residential and commercial components of The Corners, which covers garbage containers, parking and utilities.

Committee member Eric Halbur and Development Services Administrator Gary Lake expressed concern about garbage pickup and the noise it may involve as a result of a building manager rolling Dumpsters outside before store hours and the garbage collection.

Chuck Sampey, who represents Bradford Real Estate, said the luxury apartments to be built by the Mandel Group will be approximately 600-1,100 square feet with more being in the smaller range. Most won’t have a dining room, but instead will have a large kitchen island, Sampey said. Some of the units will be marketed to corporate entities that they can furnish and then use for short-term employees. Apartments will also have 7-foot doors and about 9-foot ceilings, Sampey said.

Apartment balconies will vary from extending outward to being recessed, he said.

Committee members stressed for all buildings in The Corners to be made of quality materials like masonry.

“There is some expectation locally for some masonry in the residential,” Lake said.

Questions were also raised about whether pets would be allowed in the apartments and if outdoor space for dogs would be incorporated into the plans. Sampey said he did not know but would look into it.