Sharing stories of our areaís vibrant business community

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Business Editor

March 22, 2015

Katherine Michalets|
Freeman Business Editor

In my new role as business editor at The Freeman, I am excited to share news of the countyís and regionís vibrant business communities with our readers. You can expect to read a variety of stories, such as executives sharing their best practices for creating a healthy and successful workplace, hiring trends affecting the construction industry, entrepreneurs creating a new cellphone application, a manufacturer adding more shifts and employees and a company celebrating a milestone anniversary.

Having grown up primarily in Waukesha County, I understand the areaís strong work ethic and the established connections between community members and a longtime local employer. I also spent a year after graduating from Carroll College in Seoul, South Korea, as a teacher helping businessmen and women learn English. While living abroad, my eyes were opened to other areas of commerce. Recently, I started a food business, and that experience taught me so much about the struggles and triumphs businesses experience on a regular basis.

In fact, I enjoy driving around Waukesha County and looking at the many nondescript buildings with only a large sign out front bearing the businessís name. Each of these buildings holds a mystery for me about what is made inside. In the past couple of months I have begun to explore what innovative and high-quality products are made in Waukesha County, such as gourmet mustards and disengage-able baseball bases.

I want to incorporate my years of experience covering the business community in Waukesha County as a Freeman staff member and now as the business editor to share the stories of area businessí successes, of trends that affect them and the continued effort to understand a changing economy and evolving global marketplace.

Please send your story ideas, company announcements and business photos to me at

I can also be reached at 262-513-2644.