Request for proposal sought on Laimon Family Lakeside Park property

By Karen Pilarski - Freeman Staff

Nov. 18, 2015

PEWAUKEE — Smokey’s Bait Shop has been a presence in the Village of Pewaukee for 33 years.

But now there is opportunity for a partnership for the property at 129 Park Ave. The Pewaukee Park and Recreation Department is looking for a highly motivated, responsible individual or business to partner with in operation of the Laimon Family Lakeside Park, which used to be Smokey’s.

Kelley Woldanski, director of the Park & Recreation Department, said the property used to be a bait shop with a second and third level for living quarters. The owners wanted to sell the business and the village was interested in making it a park if purchased.

The lower level consists of the bait shop with a small restroom, which should remain open to the public. There’s also a boat launch on the east end of the lake.

“We wanted to make sure there was always access to the east end of the lake within the Village of Pewaukee,” Woldanski said, adding that village officials wanted to partner with someone who knew it would be open to the public and a park.

That was the purpose of the request for proposal. She has heard from two interested parties so far with questions. The people wanted to see the property and know how big the area of the bait shop is.

“There is interest, but people are figuring out if that is what they want,” Woldanski said. The RFP is available until Dec. 2, and if no proposals are received, there is potential for the Parks & Recreation Department to do something with the property.

The department gave a deadline before the first of next year. Woldanski said if someone wanted to live there they could do that in the beginning of the year instead of next summer. The second and third floors include three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a kitchen, formal living room and a wrap around deck.

Information on RFP

The RFP document is located on the City of Pewaukee website that specifies what the department is looking for and requirements.

“We left it pretty open as far as flexibility, we didn’t say it has to be rented from this date to this date,” Woldanski said.

Interested parties would need to send in proposals to Woldanski by Dec. 2 of what they were looking at doing to the property.

She hopes people will include history about themselves or other background. The City and Village of Pewaukee’s joint Park & Rec board will review them at its monthly meeting on Dec. 9. If the board finds someone it is interested in, members would set up a meeting to discuss a formal agreement.

Woldanski said she has received positive comments from Pewaukee residents at Village meetings.

“People are happy we would be able to keep access to the lake,” she said. Also residents wanted to keep the Smokey’s building there since it has been a part of the community for so long.

She sees a potential for another park that could be a jewel in the community and something people can use.

“It is just a really great opportunity and possibilities are endless,” she said.

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