Development boom near Hartland
Concerns about roads, traffic

By KELLY SMITH - Special to The Freeman

August 12, 2018

Siepmann Realty’s Sand Hill is one of three residential developments expected to provide about 200 homes within the next decade that could generate at least 400 more vehicles along Winkleman, Ainsworth and Lisbon roads.

Kelly Smith/Special to The Freeman

HARTLAND - Village President Jeff Pfannerstill says he wants to cooperate with neighboring municipalities to resolve traffic issues on Winkleman and Lisbon roads that will result from a home building boom along the village’s northern border with Merton.

Merton Village President Ron Reinowski agrees with Pfannerstill’s call for cooperation and says he may also reach out to the elected leaders in the towns of Lisbon and Merton.

The village presidents are concerned about the impact the development of about 200 homes during the next five to seven years will have on the roads, including three dangerous intersections.

“These were intended to be rural roads carrying farmers and their equipment. They are hilly and there are some blind intersections. They were not intended to be carrying busy commuter traffic,” Pfannerstill told The Freeman.

“They are county roads and they are responsibility of the county,” Reinowski added in a separate interview.

However, Waukesha County highway officials say there is not enough money to upgrade Winkleman (County Hwy KE) and Lisbon (County Hwy K) roads.

Local officials are concerned that the barely visible Ainsworth Road (note street sign on left) intersection with Winkleman Road may become more hazardous because of future residential development in the neighborhood.

Kelly Smith/Special to The Freeman


Pfannerstill suggested municipal governments and real estate developers might share with the county the cost of improving the roads.

Reinowski said he believes there may be state or federal grant money available for the road improvements.

Reinowksi presided over a village Plan Commission meeting earlier in the week when developer Chip Halquist presented initial plans for an 80- to 90-home development on 135 acres along Winkleman and Ainsworth roads.

The development touches the borders of the village and Town of Merton as well as the Town of Lisbon and is close to the Hartland village limits

The development is a few hundred yards north of 90 acres of land owned by Siepmann Realty, where approximately 80 homes are expected in the Sand Hill development.

Immediately west of the Siepmann property is another 40 acres of land dubbed “The North 40” where Neumann Development is planning about 50 ranch-style single-family condominium units.

Those two developments are on the northern border of Hartland.

When these approximately 200 new homes are built, they could generate at least 400 new vehicles traveling on Ainsworth, Winkleman and Lisbon roads en route to Hwy 16 and Interstate 94, east to Brookfield and Milwaukee and west to Madison.

Reinowski told The Freeman he is concerned about commuters from the Halquist development relying on the intersection of Ainsworth and Winkleman roads.

He said the intersection can be dangerous because nearby hills block the vision of drivers on Ainsworth Road trying to turn onto Winkleman Road.

Reinowski and Pfannerstill are also concerned about two intersections on Lisbon (Hwy K) Road: Jungbluth Road and Winkleman Road, both designated as County Highway KE.

Jungbluth Road connects Hwy 16 to Lisbon Road.

The Jungbluth Road intersection is on the south side of Lisbon Road.

A few hundred yards to the east is the Winkleman Road intersection, which is on the north side of Lisbon Road.

This intersection can become congested and hazardous, according to local officials, because of its close proximity to the Jungbluth Road intersection with Lisbon Road.

The Jungbluth Road intersection can be hazardous during rush hour because a large hill west of the intersection blocks a driver’s view of oncoming traffic while attempting a left turn onto Lisbon Road.

Time is on the side of the municipalities, according to Merton Village Administrator Tom Nelson.

Nelson predicts it could be 5 to 10 years before the three developments are built to capacity.

John Siepmann said the western half of the Sand Hill development may not begin until the county is ready to realign Lisbon Road.

The realignment plan calls for Lisbon Road to jog north and east from the Jungbluth Road intersection to connect with Winkleman Road just south of Ainsworth Road.

The realignment would eliminate the intersection of Winkleman and Lisbon roads.

However, the realignment is not included in Waukesha County’s five-year road improvement plan, according to Public Works Director Allison Bussler.

Bussler told The Freeman that compared to busier and bigger intersections in the county, Winkleman Road does not have enough traffic volume or accidents to be included in the five-year plan.

However, she said the plan is reviewed annually.

“Everyone agrees the road is the problem. But the bigger problem is how do we get the county to move it up on their priorities,” said Pfannerstill.

“We are all going to have to get together and lobby the county,” added Reinowski.