Report reveals greatly changed workplace by 2040

Freeman Staff

June 2, 2015

MILWAUKEE - The workplace will undergo a significant transformation by 2040 if a Johnson Controls’ report is accurate.

According to the Smart Workplace 2040 report produced by Johnson Controls’ Global WorkPlace Solutions, by 2040 knowledge workers will decide where and how they want to work.

“Work will be seen as something workers do, rather than a place they commute to each day. Work patterns will be radically different compared with today, with no fixed place or timetable. Instead, a new generation of workspace consumers will choose their workplace based on an often fluid work schedule. Most workers will frequently work from home, and will choose to visit work hubs or a ‘trophy workplace,’ a highly experiential environment where they meet and network with other individuals,” according to the report.

In addition, there won’t be set work hours and the emphasis will be placed on getting the work done and the employees’ wellness.

The report was peer-reviewed in a series of three workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific involving 26 workplace experts.

“In 2040 we will consume space, not own it, so the report envisions how this will affect the everyday life of an employee and businesses,” said GWS Global WorkPlace Innovation Director and report author Marie Puybaraud in a statement. “The findings have implications for leaders and real estate managers around the world as they anticipate the way our society and technology is changing and transforming the way we work.”

The report makes eight recommendations, including dismantling the fixed office hours model in favor of flexible working contracts, focusing workspaces on end users’ needs and enhancing service delivery to embrace a high human touch, while designing working environments that reflect new ways of collaborating across teams.