Ammo retailer wants to expand


Aug. 27, 2015

 Owner Dennis Gorski talks about the reloading process as he looks over some of the items offered at Titan Rebuilding on Wednesday morning in Hartford. Gorski said they hope to move into their new location on Highway 60 in May. 
John Ehlke/Daily News

HARTFORD - A Hartford retailer in business for five years wants to move to a larger location to store about 1,000 pounds of smokeless gunpowder.

Titan Reloading Inc. has an Internet presence and a store in Hartford at 660 Grand Ave., but recently they were granted a conditional use permit and hope to close soon on the purchase of a larger building at 994 W. Sumner St.

The permit was needed so the business can expand to store components involved with firearm reloading — smokeless gunpowder and primers.

“We’re master distributors of Lee Precision firearm ammunition reloading equipment,” said Dennis Gorski who along with his wife Robin own the business. “Many people have discovered that reloading is easy to do and the cost savings over purchased ammunition is significant.

Bullet shells on display Wednesday at Titan Rebuilding.
John Ehlke/Daily News

“There’s also a growing concern about future government regulations regarding ammunition now that the Supreme Court has upheld a citizen’s right to bear arms.”

City Planner Justin Drew said the company wants to store as much as 1,000 pounds of smokeless powder at the new location.

“Staff initially had concerns smokeless gunpowder could be considered an explosive and consulted with the fire chief to see what safety concerns he had,” Drew said. The Milwaukee office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said the ATF storage and building separation regulations only apply to black gunpowder, which is considered a low explosive, Drew said.

Drew said staff members recommended approving the CUP because they do not believe it poses a fire and safety risk. Drew said the Gorskis intend to meet all federal requirements and the building meets the minimum building separation standard of the International Building Code which requires the

building to be at least 30 feet from a structure.

“We plan to construct a separate fire-resistant room with a sprinkler system within our warehouse area to store the powders and primers,” Gorski said.

Much of the company business, he said, is from online customers, but they hope to sell more over-the-counter.

The new building is about 4,800, or double the size of the current building, Gorski said. “We still have a lease here for a few more months and there are three tenants in the building we’ll move to. After they move out, we’ll begin to do what we need to do to have the building meet our needs.”

Gorski said Titan Reloading could add employees.

Titan Reloading is a family business. Gorski said two sons, two daughters and a fiancé work full time for the business.

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