‘We are building a little town here’
Preliminary plans for The Corners parking advance; overall construction discussed

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

March 26, 2015

TOWN OF BROOKFIELD - When discussing the complexity of constructing multiple buildings and an underground parking garage as part of a mixed-use development with several access and exit points, Chuck Sampey of Bradford Real Estate said it’s as if “we are building a little town here.”

During Tuesday’s Plan Commission meeting, preliminary grading plans for an underground parking unit at The Corners were unanimously approved. 

The plans revealed the different access points to the parking structure and the level strictly for the people who will live in the luxury apartments above.

Town Planner Gary Lake said items for approval were being taken out of the typical order because the civil engineering plans won’t be ready for two to four months, and both the town and the developers want to keep moving forward so this was viewed as a way to make sure progress is taking place.

Lake said if the Plan Commission would decide to wait until approximately June to review the civil engineering plans, then The Corners developers, IM Properties, Bradford Real Estate and Marcus Corporation, would miss the center’s anticipated October 2016 opening date.

“The proposal was to approve the first building that needs to be built and the first building that needs to be built is the parking unit,” Lake said.

Several buildings will be constructed atop the parking garage in addition to several before it, and the anchor department store Von Maur will abut it.

Lake said Von Maur representatives plan to make a presentation to the town soon.

Concerns being considered

Commissioner Mike Schmitt raised some concerns about whether the way to exit the development was as well planned as it could be. Questions were also raised about proper access for rubbish removal trucks and for semis making deliveries to Sendik’s and Von Maur. Sampey said plans were still being finalized, but they were taking all of that, as well as snow removal, into consideration.

“We are working as fast as we can to put these pieces together and today I don’t have them,” Sampey said.

Commissioner Eric Halbur said he would like to see the aesthetics of all the buildings before moving ahead with plans for one.

“It would be nice to know what the idea of all of the buildings are so it’s not a hodgepodge,” he said.

Sampey said he envisions bringing in the residential buildings for review first and the retail buildings last because they are the easiest and the developers want them to be in harmony with all the other structures. 

Commissioner Len Smeltzer said he’d like to see the dig start soon and for the project to move forward. He asked how long it will take to excavate the site. 

Lake said as the excavation work begins, another crew will follow right away to shore up the ground.

“They are going to follow each other which will allow minimal disturbance of the lot,” Lake said, adding the Department of Natural Resources liked how the risk for sediment runoff was minimalized. Lake said the parking deck will take about five months to construct.

Also during Tuesday’s Plan Commission meeting, preliminary and final approvals were given to a 105-room Home2Suites by Hilton hotel that would be located close to Interstate 94 off Larry Court and Watertown Road.  The approval was contingent upon a maintenance agreement for water retention, beefing up landscaping and a review of lighting and the Dumpster enclosure.



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