COST to expand into sister company’s location
Sought less expensive alternatives


Oct. 29, 2014

In September, COST of Wisconsin canceled plans for a 25,000-square-foot addition to its manufacturing facility in the town of Polk. On Tuesday, the company announced why and what it is doing as an alternative.

“We closed Monday on the purchase of the vacant Frabill building on Northwest Passage Road in the Jackson Industrial Park,” COST Executive Vice President Lance Stanwyck said. “We are going to move COST’s sister company, Refractory Service Inc., into the old Frabill building and COST will expand into the space now occupied by Refractory, which is already on the COST campus.”

Stanwyck said cost estimates for the earlier proposed expansion came in higher than expected.

“We decided to take some time and examine alternatives,” Stanwyck said. “This alternative really made sense to us.”

Stanwyck said both COST and Refractory Service are growing and need more space.

“We had been planning an expansion of 20,000-25,000 square feet for COST,” Stanwyck said. “When COST takes over Refractory’s space they will have an additional 28,000 square feet and Refractory will have 54,000 square feet at the new location. So both will have more room for expansion.”

Stanwyck said both companies are continuing to hire additional employees and that will continue once the move and other changes are completed.

“We hope to have the old Frabill building ready in time for Refractory to be able to be moved in by Jan. 1,” Stanwyck said. “COST will then move into the additional space.”

Jackson Village Administrator John Walther said the plan is good for the village.

“It’s great news. We were able to fill an existing building and the company is talking about bringing between 12-15 jobs and we hope they are able to add more,” Walther said.

Walther said the Frabill building has been vacant for about two years since the company was purchased by Plano Molding.

Stanwyck said COST will add some new equipment when they move into the additional space and some other minor modifications will be needed, but the move should be able to be completed quickly.

COST’s areas of specialization include exhibit fabrication, theme facades, faux finishes, water features, aquariums and sculptural elements.

The company has developed highly realistic exhibits in most zoos and aquariums in the United States and numerous projects abroad.

“There isn’t a major zoo in this country that we probably haven’t done business for,” COST President Jon Stanwyck said. “Disney and Universal Studios are also big clients of ours.”

Refractory manufactures and installs heat-resistant materials that line high-temperature furnaces and reactors and other processing units. In addition to being resistant to thermal stress and other heat phenomena, refractories must also withstand wear and corrosion by chemical agents.