Council approves site plan for Turnberry Reserve condos

By Matt Masterson - Freeman Staff

Sept. 17, 2014

WAUKESHA — Following a public hearing Tuesday night, the Waukesha Common Council voted to approve a site plan and PUD agreement for the Turnberry Reserve condominiums near Silver Fox Court.

The council heard from two public speakers and made a small amendment to the plan, which was approved unanimously by the city’s Plan Commission in August. Just as it did last month, much of the discussion surrounded whether to require sidewalks around the developing condos.

“We do understand the issue of safety, we do understand the accessibility for the subdivision residents,” said Jim Truszynski, a resident of Silver Fox Court, “but we are also interested in keeping our property as we would like it.”

He said the area residents were satisfied with the Plan Commission’s compromise, which only required a sidewalk along the west side of the condos by Kayla Drive, but added that a sidewalk is not necessary through the courts and culs-de-sac in the area.

Alderwoman Joan Francoeur sought to move the council’s support on the Plan Commission’s recommendations that the culs-de-sac sidewalk requirement be waived, the sidewalks are to be built on the west side of Kayla Drive and that Kayla Drive be temporarily closed for access until after the development is built out 50 percent.

Francoeur added that the condos are located in the area she represents, and a request for a chain to restrict access to non-residents is reasonable and has been approved by the city’s fire department.

“I was very pleased that it was a unanimous recommendation by the Plan Commission after quite some discussion,” she said. “This is a position, I think, is an example of good government with the participation of residents.”

Alderwoman Kathleen Cummings make an amendment to the motion, changing the usage of the term “50 percent” to “more than 13 units,” which is just over half of the 25 proposed units.

In other business, the Common Council also unanimously approved a review of 2015 professional services and a payment of $62,356.25 to the Town of Waukesha for five years of taxes on property annexed into the city.