WMC poll: Wisconsin to see steady economic and job growth

Special to The Freeman

July 21, 2014

MADISON — Steady statewide economic growth through the end of the year should lead to more hiring, according to a survey of state business leaders conducted by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

However, business leaders continue to see the skills gap as a barrier to hiring.

Seventy-one percent of the 261 business executives who completed the semi-annual survey said Wisconsin’s economy will see moderate growth in the next six months, while 22 percent said growth will be flat. Similarly, the percentage of executives who plan to hire by the end of the year grew to 56 percent, up from 44 percent in January.

Of those surveyed, 53 percent said they’re having trouble finding workers, with three-quarters of them blaming a lack of qualified workers. Sixty-one percent said they have raised salaries in order to attract or retain workers.