Something old, something new
Mequon’s Vintage Market offers eclectic home decor

By Craig McCarthy - News Graphic Correspondent

Sept. 15, 2015


Sara Harder, left, is the owner and Stacia Fassender, right, is the manager of Vintage Market on Cedarburg Road in Mequon.
Photo by Craig McCarthy

MEQUON - Stacia Fassender is without a doubt a visual person. She’s the manager of the Vintage Market at 10503 N. Cedarburg Road in Mequon and has a real eye for finding both new and old items and having them repurposed for home decor.

“We love old windows, we do a lot of architectural pieces. We find it all ourselves,” said Fassender.

The “we” in this equation includes Sara Harder. She is the owner of the Vintage Market and the Colour Bowl Salon & Wellness Spa in which the Vintage Market is located. Harder has owned the salon for about four years and has a background strictly in hair design.

Fassender moved into the Colour Bowl last October. She previously had her own store (Stacia’s Home and Garden Decor) in Cedarburg, which she sold several years ago to take some time off. For years, Harder had been one of Fassender’s best customers and approached her last fall about going into business together. She invited Fassender to move into the five-room open space in her salon and the Vintage Market was born.

“She knew it would work because we like the same stuff,” said Fassender, admitting she doesn’t have any formal training. “I really don’t have a design background. It was a learned thing and it turned into a business.”

 The Vintage Market features one-of-a-kind pieces and other treasures discovered at flea markets. Many are fixed up or repurposed.
Photo by Craig McCarthy

It’s a business in which she has done quite well for herself. She continues to have a following on Facebook – people who remember her from her other store – which translates into customers for her new venture.

“One of our number-one sellers would be the flea market finds, one-of-a-kind pieces,” said Fassender.

Helping give some of those items new life is Harder’s husband, who is directly involved in the fixing up and repurposing process for the store.

“A lot of people will look at something and say, ‘Why would you buy that?’” said Fassender. It takes her keen sense to make sure items being purchased can be sold for a profit.

“We can’t be buying things that are really expensive to begin with. We know we have to turn it over,” said Fassender.

Spring and fall are Fassender and Harder’s busy time, in which they attend at least one flea market a month in search of items. Fassender admits that barn sales are a good source for finding great pieces. The two also have contacts they can call when searching for inventory.

“We have a basement that we keep a lot of the stuff in,” said Fassender.

The Vintage Market is preparing for its free Fall Extravaganza on Sept. 26 and Sept. 27, located outside the property surrounding the store. According to Fassender, not only will there be items for sale, there will be pumpkin carving and fun activities for the entire family as the store approaches its one-year anniversary.