Study: Most county tobacco retailers dont sell to minors

Freeman Staff

Sept. 11, 2015


WAUKESHA - More than 98 percent of tobacco retailers across Waukesha County were found to be in compliance with restrictions on sales to underage youths, a new study finds.

With assistance and support from local law enforcement agencies, the Tobacco Free Community Partnership Dodge Jefferson Waukesha and Youth Volunteers completed 168 compliance checks for Waukesha County over the last several months, and found just three sales to underage youth, for a 1.8 percent non-compliance rate in the county.

That represents a significant change from the 2013 results, when the same study found a 14.7 percent non-compliance rate across the county.

Those results come courtesy of Dianna Forrester, coordinator of the Wisconsin Wins program, a science-based, state-level initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products launched over a decade ago.

The program uses positive reinforcement to reduce illegal tobacco sales, and in a press release, congratulated local clerks who do not sell tobacco to youth.

A round of applause goes out to the many tobacco retailers in Waukesha County who have been checking IDs and keeping tobacco out of the hands of our youth, Forrester said in a statement, as well as the local law enforcement in Waukesha County who have assisted us with these activities.

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