Westbrook Church wants to build 144 apartments on Delafield land
City has already reached amount of apartments in master plan

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Nov. 17, 2015

DELAFIELD ó Like many large and newer churches, Westbrook Church is located on a large parcel of land along Highway 83 in Delafield. On Wednesday, a plan will be presented to the Plan Commission seeking to rezone part of the churchís acreage to accommodate a multi-family residential development.

Only preliminary feedback for the plans is sought during the meeting, which will be held at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 500 Genesee St.

According to the Plan Commission meeting packet, the proposed project would include four buildings, each with 36 units, for a total of 144 high-end to luxury apartments.

Westbrook Church is working with Wangard Partners on the proposal. Representatives from both parties did not return calls before deadline Monday.

Delafield Mayor Michele DeYoe said she does not comment on projects before they are officially presented. She said there has been a staff meeting on the proposal so she is familiar with it.

The multi-family development would be constructed on 10.87 acres along Highway 83 near Naga-Waukee Park, according to city documents. The plan includes extending sewer to the site from the south and water being extended from across Highway 83.

In addition, adjacent trees and plantings located on church land will be properly managed and cleared of any dead, diseased or dying trees. Access to the development would be via Link Court (Mariner Drive) and Wangard would rehabilitate the Ice Age Trail on the southern edge of the property. Wangard would also rebuild and maintain the storm water facility for the entire Westbrook property. According to city documents, based on the cityís comprehensive plan, Delafield is maxed out in the number of multi-family units it would allow. Wangard Partners commissioned a study that determined there is additional capacity in the market that would allow for its proposed 144 units to be built on the southern half of the Westbrook Church property.

DeYoe said the recently constructed Wells Street Station in downtown Delafield was the project that forced the city to reach the limit for multi-family units. She said itís possible Wangard and Westbrook Church may come to the Wednesday meeting with altered plans than what she has already seen.

DeYoe said the developer is aware that the city is already maxed out on apartments. The future for the proposal is uncertain based on that criteria, she said.