A Slice of Convenience
New app makes ordering from local pizzerias easier

By NYESHA STONE - Special to The Freeman 

Feb. 25, 2016


Ilir Sela, the founder and CEO of Slice, prepares a pizza.
Submitted photo

WAUKESHA — It’s time to get closer with local pizzerias without even leaving the house. With a few clicks and one app, Slice is changing the way to order pizza.

Slice was created to “unite proud pizza makers, loyal customers, and communities everywhere to become the only way to order authentic, local pizza,” said Slice’s Senior Marketing Manager Samantha Taube.

The app allows customers to order pizza from local pizzerias straight from their phone. Slice has a partnership with a few local Waukesha pizzerias: Michael’s Italian Restaurant, Scrima’s Pizza, among others.

Slice founder Ilir Sela grew up in Staten Island where most of his friends and family own and operate pizzerias in the New York City area. Once he finished college with a computer science degree, he established his own IT company, which led to him becoming the go-to tech support for his friends and family’s pizzerias.

He soon realized 60 percent of the pizza shops were owned by families, yet 90 percent of online orders were being placed through large chains such as Pizza Hut. Slice is giving the power back to the local pizzerias with just an app, according to the company.

Five years ago, Sela founded MyPizza, which has over 3,000 pizzerias across the U.S. and he saw how successful the business was, so he wanted to branch out even more, which is how Slice came about.

Sela hired a team of 50 in New York City and now Slice is on a mission to bring people closer to their local pizzerias.

“We reached out to the pizzerias in Waukesha because we are launching town by town in our effort to go national,” Taube said.

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