Get the details for growing business


June 11, 2014

WEST BEND - Over the last few months, Economic Development of Washington County has publicized a website that an official believes will help the county promote and attract business and industry -

EDWC business solutions specialist Deborah Reinbold said the website provides resources to help start, locate or grow a business, secure funding for a project and find employees.

“You can seek information about a variety of different subjects right down to specific streets, neighborhoods or communities,” she said.

The website provides details on demographics, major employers, taxes, the size and type of members of the local workforce, available utilities and the legislative climate.

Reinbold said information is also available on the website that will indicate if there are enough properly trained employees for the business.

“You can also search for existing buildings or for possible business sites, consumer spending, wages and locate area businesses that could be potential suppliers or the competition,” Reinbold said. “Not only can this website help someone locate a new business or industry in Washington County, it can provide information to an existing county business or industry if they are weighing whether or not to expand here.”

Matt Zeman, director of Client Solutions for Tech Rooms of Jackson, said he has used the website and it has provided useful information.

“Right now we’ve decided to change the focus of our company’s business to IT and communications,” Zeman said. “We’re using it to help us look at different parts of the local market and to aid us in finding a new location for our business.”

Zeman also said when he arrived in the area, was instrumental as a tool to getting to know the organizations and businesses in the area.

“On a personal level, it helped identify groups or businesses that we could partner with,” Zeman said. "The information on the website was perfectly accurate and it helped us a great deal.”

Reinbold said the website will play an integral part in her organization’s new two-year strategic plan which they hope to unveil sometime in July after discussion by the Board of Directors.