How to stay gorgeous at every decade

March 20, 2017

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Age is just a number, sure, but that doesnít mean aging is always easy. With the right products, though, it can be done flawlessly. To help you enhance your own natural beauty, weíve gone shopping, decade by decade, to create a cheat sheet of fabulous products that address each age groupís unique concerns.


The groundwork you lay to protect and preserve your skin and hair is vital. Cleansing, hydrating and using sunscreen are all keys to start aging gracefully. Using dry shampoo to absorb oil from your hairís roots and incorporating a weekly deep-conditioning mask can help hair reverse damage from overprocessing and too many girlsí nights out. When it comes to makeup, this is the perfect time to break the rules and experiment with after-hours trends that arenít exactly office appropriate.


Skin begins to show the telltale signs of aging at this point, so itís time to add an anti-aging eye cream and a brightening cream to your arsenal. To keep hair healthy and strong, incorporate a vitamin-packed hair supplement. To accommodate busy schedules, opt for dual-purpose products, such as foundations packed with skin-nourishing ingredients and color sticks that can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes.


Fight back against dry skin and fine lines with deep hydrating creams and retinol-based serums. Mask fast-growing grays with a root concealer in the form of a spray or cream-based stick. Leave the makeup fads to the kids and stick to the tried-and-true classics youíve come to trust, including an illuminating cheek powder that adds warmth to your face and products that help create full, natural-looking brows.


To help create a more youthful complexion, upgrade to rich, hydrating products that plump the skin with collagen. Keep silver tresses from losing their luster with hair products formulated to hydrate and brighten strands. And keep makeup fresh and simple, including neutral eye colors and long-lasting lipstick that adds volume but wonít feather or run.



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