Project prom: Teens go for classic looks

April 7, 2014

Emilee Hassanzadeh, a senior at Bloomington Jefferson High School, dons prom fashion at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., March 4, 2014.

MINNEAPOLIS ó From ancient Grecian style all the way to the grunge of the Ď90s, fashion trends of the past are making their way back to the high school prom.

Some teenagers are even digging out their parentsí old photos for inspiration and finding ways to give the looks a modern twist.

"My mother looked famously Ď80s," said Kali Mann, a senior at St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. "She had blond, feathered hair. And she made her dress ó it was baby blue."

Bloomington Jefferson high school senior Emilee Hassanzadeh also did her homework on Momís prom-wear.

"Apparently, Gunne Sax dresses were all the rage in Ď83, so thatís what (my mom) wore to prom," she said. "Her date had a baby blue tux. Classy!"

Although trends come and go ó and come back again ó prom remains a defining moment of high school. Despite its changing styles, the evening provides a rare opportunity to dress like royalty, teens say.

Baby blue tuxedos and feathered hairdos might not get you crowned king and queen, but a peek into the past offers some insight to the trends of the moment. Tanning is out. The Roaring Twenties are in. Heels are optional, the Ď50s rock Ďní roll vibe is cool. And bohemian statement jewelry is a must.

These days, rather than fit in, however, most teens insist on self-expression, said Sara Rogers, trend specialist for the Mall of America. "Just about anything goes for prom-wear," she said.

How to maintain individuality without ending up with an awkward prom photo? Thatís the tricky part.

Mannís advice? "Express yourself, but donít dress in something that youíre going to look back at and cringe."

To get a grip on this yearís dos and doníts, we chatted with Mann, Hassanzadeh



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