Sweet spell of success: Bag collection has alphabet theme

May 18, 2015

Mary Katrantzou's A to Z tote bags have a unique design for each initial.

British fashion designer Mary Katrantzou was well-received when she visited Los Angeles recently for several events, beginning with the launch of her A to Z totes, which are being sold exclusively on

She and Matches hosted a stylish crowd at the Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery for cocktails and a light supper to celebrate the collection, which includes bags ($1,070) for every letter of the alphabet, each surrounded by the designerís signature prints.

Among those who came to sip punch and snap photos of the colorful totes were actresses Kiernan Shipka, Gillian Jacobs, Michelle Monaghan and Liberty Ross; handbag designer Clare Vivier; home accessories designer Heather Taylor; and shoe designers Erica Pelosini and Louis Leeman.

"We did a resort collection with prints based on letters of the alphabet," Katrantzou said of the totes, adding that only 20 of each was made. "Itís nice to have something that feels exclusive. But if youíre any letter but X, Y or Z, you better move fast."



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