Fitness tip of the month: Be grateful for what your body can do

November 17, 2014

The fourth Thursday on the calendar for November is a day set aside for giving thanks. But letís extend that to (at least) the entire month with Novemberís tip: Be grateful for what your body can do.

Most often, thereís plenty. You got out of bed this morning, right? You stepped outside to pick up this newspaper. You sat down and stood up and did 100 things we all too often take for granted ó not even counting exercise, which we hope is part of your day today.

Appreciate that you can walk even for 10 minutes, or swim a half-mile, or take a flight of stairs. Revel in the soreness that may follow pushing yourself harder than usual, and in the reward of a sunrise or sunset or peanut-butter sandwich at the end of your workout.

On days (which we all have) when your body seems more of a frustration than a gift, just accept that sometimes, breathing is not only plenty, but most truly, the ultimate blessing.



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