5 reasons I donít mind running when the wind chill is in single digits

Feb. 5, 2018

Even I, the inveterate outdoor exerciser, almost didnít head outside last week. The weather on Tuesday was bitter, the wind chill worse (4 degrees, I seem to recall) and the house warm and toasty. But I did, living to tell the tale and to do it again the next day, and the next.

It wasnít easy and it wasnít particularly fun, but it was, ultimately, satisfying.

Here are five benefits I gleaned:

ó Matching doesnít matter.

For non-fashion-conscious me, matching doesnít matter anyway. But something about the cold lends itself to especially not caring if my socks match my shoes (or each other) or whether my jacket is blue, one glove is pink and the other black.

ó Clothes donít stink as quickly.

During summer, I canít wait to peel off my workout clothes and, holding my nose, drop them into the washer. Not so in winter. I wore the same outfit three days in a row before thinking about washing it.

ó Cold-weather workouts carry more glory.

Again, not that I particularly care, but people seem awed when I run in single-digit wind chills; aghast when itís 90 degrees in the shade.

ó Itís fun pretending cold burns more calories

Alas, it doesnít, according to Runnerís World. Shivering ups calorie burn, but we tend to dress warmly enough to overcome that. Oh well. Ignorance was bliss.

ó I feel more revved.

A hot-weather run tends to totally zap me. But one in cold weather, despite freezing my fingers and rendering talking impossible, gives me an energy boost. Eventually.



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