Bodybuilder doc: Alter your workout each day for best results

September 14, 2015

Take it from a 70-year-old bodybuilder how to schedule your weights routine.

Dr. Robert Drapkin, 70, a Florida-based oncology doctor, regularly competes in competitions, recently winning second place among men over 70 in the Masters National Bodybuilding Championship.

Passionate about staying fit, he offered one simple way to alter your workout for the best. Alternate which body part you work out, exercising a different muscle group once a week, he suggested. For example, he switches up what he does every day but targets one area.

"Each muscle needs some exercise each week," he said.

Monday, he does pushing exercises, working his chest, triceps and shoulders. He opts for seated chest or bench presses, but cautioned that his workout regimen is not for everyone.

Tuesdays, he rests. "The body needs rest in order to grow," he said.

Wednesdays, he focuses on legs, which can include barbell squats or hamstring curls, and Thursdays, he rests again.

On Friday, he suggests zeroing in on the pulling muscles, like the back and biceps. Pull-ups can work for this, or barbell curls. All of Drapkinís exercises include a plank.

Pairing this with a diet that focuses on eating something that "runs, swims, flies or grows in the ground" is ideal, he added. "And thatís what Iíve been doing for 20 years," he said. Most of all, he emphasizes remaining active ó young or old.

He always starts a workout with dynamic stretching, he added, then a plank.

Sedentary people, or inactive non-exercisers, he said, lose muscle mass and gain body fat more quickly.

"People have a difficult time when they donít do things," he said. "Our body doesnít adapt to inactivity."



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