Hints From Heloise


Oct. 1, 2014



'Open,' says the thief!

Dear Heloise: Our house was broken into while we were away because I left my GARAGE-DOOR OPENER in the car parked in our driveway. The intruders entered the house because we commonly leave the door between the house and the garage unlocked.

Boy, we learned our lesson! We now do not leave garage-door openers in either car, and we keep that garage door locked. Please warn your readers so this does not happen to them! - Taylor R. in Oklahoma


How awful and scary! Most people do leave the opener in the auto and generally don't have a problem. Remember to lock the vehicle doors, since a lot have the "opener" built in. It's probably well worth the peace of mind to lock the entry door from the garage. - Heloise


Water storage

Dear Heloise: In a previous column, you mentioned that water should be stored away from sun or heat sources in a cool, dry place in proper food-grade water containers. You also stated not to store water in the garage, which is where I store my emergency water. Why did you say to avoid the garage and storing near gasoline and other chemicals? Is there a concern that the fumes would contaminate the water?
- Ann W. in California


Yes, there is, and you figured it out! If the PLASTIC containers are kept near gas and other chemicals, the chemicals may leach into the water, causing contamination, not to mention funny-tasting water, which means don't drink it! A dark closet in the house where the temperature is constant is the right spot!
- Heloise

Oh, deer!

Dear Heloise: We have deer completely wiping out our container plants. We tried fencing, sprays, human hair, you name it - they just kept feeding on my plants.

I came across the Halloween ornaments we store: some "talking" skulls, witches on motion sensors and hanging ghosts that wiggle and cry out. They scared the deer and are a lot cheaper than the ones sold especially for deer problems. You can score well after the holiday, then put them aside until the following season. - Chuck S. in Ohio


Message hints

Dear Readers: Heloise Hints for when leaving a voice message:

* Talk loudly and slowly, especially if you talk fast!

* Repeat both name and phone number (unless they know).

* If leaving an email address, spell it out.

* Please, please don't leave very personal information!

* Try to keep it short and to the point.



Set timer

Dear Heloise: When I am doing laundry, I am in my sewing room, and I forget to check it. So, I set a timer to remind me to check on the dryer. - Linda D., Vandalia, Ohio

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