Over 80 dead calves found on 2 Kenosha County farms


May 24, 2015


BRIGHTON - Authorities are investigating potential animal abuse on two farms where over 80 dead calves were found amid deplorable conditions, the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said Saturday.

Detectives and deputies found at least 52 dead calves in and around the barns on a farm in Brighton Township on Friday afternoon, the department said in a statement. Fifteen live calves were moved to a safe location.

Investigators later discovered at least 30 dead calves "in various states of decomposition" at a second farm in Paris Township owned by the same family, the department said. At least 100 live cattle there were put under a veterinarian's care.

Volunteers standing by to help move the rescued animals were horrified by the smell of death in the air, the Kenosha News reported.

"This is a bit of a jaw-dropper," said Robert Melby, director of Clawz and Pawz, which contracts with animal control to assist in rescue operations.

While Sheriff David Beth told the newspaper Friday evening that it sounded like the animals died of starvation and dehydration, the department's statement on Saturday said the cause of the animal deaths had not been determined, and may have been due to disease.

But it added that investigators found "evidence of neglect in addition to readily apparent and long-term deplorable conditions."

The department said the farm owners were cooperating, and that the investigation is expected to take at least several days potentially weeks to complete.

Associated Press