Group seeks to recognize Wisconsin nurses at their funerals


November 30, 2016

MILWAUKEE A new organization is seeking to honor deceased nurses in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard members will attend funerals of nurses around the state to honor the work they did during their lifetime, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (http://bit.ly/2gCVOXz ) reported.

The group's co-founder and president, Jamie Bohacek, said the organization will perform ceremonial traditions at the funerals.

She said members hope to collaborate with families and funeral homes to offer tributes to the careers and lives of fellow nurses.

"We will drive anywhere in the state to attend the funeral of any Wisconsin nurse to honor what they have done," said Bohacek. She added that it's a small sacrifice after all the nurses have done.

In the last five months, the group has recruited 35 active members and about 150 possible recruits. The group has also started practicing the ceremonies, Bohacek said.

The group's other co-founder and vice president, Brittany Wohlfeil, said similar organizations have been established in neighboring states.

Wohlfeil said the group is currently a charity made up of volunteers, but that the leaders will begin the process in January to become a nonprofit organization.

Nurses give up time with their loved ones to work odd hours, weekends and holidays, to take care of people, said Wohlfeil.

"They are men and woman who deserve to get honored for that sacrifice," she said.


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