DNR sets hearing on Lake Michigan diversion infrastructure

August 7, 2019

MADISON The state Department of Natural Resources plans to take public comment this month on whether to allow Waukesha to build a supply system to divert water from Lake Michigan.

The DNR has scheduled a public hearing on the permit for Aug. 20 at Carroll University in Waukesha.

The Great Lakes Compact Council in 2016 approved Waukesha's request to divert $8.2 million gallons daily from the lake and return it treated back to the lake. The city needs wetland and waterway construction permits to build a pipeline that would cross 22 navigable waterways. Three crossings would require a permit. Nearly eight wetland acres would be temporarily impacted. Less than a hundredth of a wetland acre would be permanently impacted.

The DNR has tentatively agreed to issue the permits.


Associated Press