Report: Wisconsin schools still restrain disabled students


February 10, 2016

MADISON A report finds Wisconsin public schools are still restraining disabled students, despite a 2011 law aimed at reducing those practices.

Three disability-rights groups released the report Tuesday. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ( reports the groups called on legislators to strengthen the law.

Advocacy specialist Sally Flaschberger with Disability Rights Wisconsin says such incidents can be traumatic for children. Her group released the report along with Wisconsin Family Ties and Wisconsin Facets.

The report found nearly 3,600 students in 381 districts 80 percent of them with disabilities were restrained or isolated for disruptive or "challenging" behaviors in public schools across Wisconsin. The figures are from 2013-14, the most recent available.

The 2011 Wisconsin law limits when school employees can restrain students or isolate them in rooms away from classmates.


Associated Press