Analysts: Wisconsin road fund balance should grow


April 18, 2015

MADISON - Analysts say Wisconsin's roads fund should end the 2015-2017 budget in better shape than Gov. Scott Walker anticipated.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau said Friday the fund should end the biennium with $84.7 million rather than the $11.2 million Walker estimated.

Higher revenue collections during the last half of 2014 have set a higher starting point than Walker's administration assumed. Gas tax revenue is expected to rise over the next three fiscal years. Vehicle registrations are expected to rise slightly over the next two years and debt service is expected to come in $37 million lower than Walker estimated.

Walker's budget calls for borrowing $1.3 billion for roads. The leaders of the Legislature's finance committee, Rep. John Nygren and Sen. Alberta Darling, said the new projections should help ease road-building challenges.

Associated Press