On Gardening: Silver Falls dichondra, ultimate spiller plant for baskets

July 24, 2017

Silver Falls dichondra also works exceedingly well as a ground cover with other annuals or perinnials.

The past couple of years I have been amazed seeing the potential of Silver Falls dichondra in mixed containers. This plant often ignored because itís silver or gray and of course is a cousin to the weed we fight in our precious lawns.

Silver Falls may be the ultimate spiller plant for baskets and mixed containers. While a showy trailer, Silver Falls will not become a nuisance. Instead, you will welcome this plant from Ball Horticultureís Simply Beautiful line of plants with open arms.

Deciding just how long you will let those silver leaves trail is a big personal comfort zone question. Silver Falls can easily flow 6 feet over a hanging basket. I assure you this makes a dramatic statement as it plummets downward and sways in the breeze. If it passes your comfort zone simply snip it, no one but you will ever know.

Silver Falls silvery, shiny leaves and stems give a cool, soothing feeling to the full sun porch patio or deck where it is growing. It is drought tolerant and tough enough to take the torrid summer heat. In fact, this is one plant that when you return from a summer vacation, will still be alive and performing in your landscape.

Silver Falls is practically foolproof to grow. If planted in a mixed container, choose a good light, airy mix with good moisture and nutrient holding capacity. There is no fuss or muss, insect or disease pressures are practically non-existent, and no pinching is required. Silver Falls also recovers quickly if wilted.

You may wonder, what color plant will coordinate with silver. To be honest, you can treat it like white and use it with anything. Silver Falls is an environmentally friendly plant making the grower look like he or she has a degree in horticulture and design.

Obviously, shades of pink, purple, lavender and blue are extraordinary, but on the other hand, Iíve seen it with lime green and was surprised by its showy display.

Silver Falls also offers great potential for a small spreading groundcover. When used as a groundcover you will notice that it does form a dense mat choking out weeds. Try also in front of colorful foliage like Little Ruby or Purple Knight alternanthera, Mariposa or Redhead coleus and ornamental peppers like Purple Flash or Black Pearl.

Whether you are choosing plants for mixed containers or in the landscape, you want to select some with differing leaf and flower textures. Silver Falls will most assuredly give a unique and wonderful appearance all summer long whether plummeting over the edge of a container or a sea of silver as a groundcover.

Though we are rocketing toward the dog days of summer Silver Falls will thrive in the heat of August and last until the first frost of fall. 



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