Falling for fall: Why autumn is the perfect time to start being healthier

Now. 12, 2018

Is it the air? The sky? The sunrise and sunset featuring colors not found in the biggest box of crayons? The pecans perched precariously, preparing to tumble toward the ground?

In truth, all these comprise my love for everything autumnal. My falling, if you will, for fall.

What does this seasonal crush have to do with health and fitness? As much as you’d like. Think of these days as the perfect time to resume or to start a new workout plan, a fresher and more fulfilling way to eat.

Sure, you could put your resolve on hold till the more traditional Jan. 1, which may be cold and gloomy, and you just might be having a black-eyed pea hangover. Why wait? Here in November, with its crisp mornings and fiery-sky sunsets, the world beckons.

So take a walk. Rake some leaves. Throw a football. Fix some tummy-warming, healthy soup. Get used to the invigoration that comes with taking care of yourself, which will become a habit before you know it. So fall in. We’re right here with you.


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