Your Place: In search of replacement aluminum siding

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Maybe you can help this reader from Greensboro, N.C., who writes: "My house has aluminum siding. I am in the midst of a remodel and am in need of some replacement aluminum siding.

"Several windows were removed, and I thought it would be easy to find replacements for such areas, but I cannot. I have one uncut sheet for measurements and style/type, but no luck finding any suppliers."

Just email me, and I will forward any advice you can offer. I would think the answer would be a national supplier, but vinyl rules the siding roost these days — except at my house, where cedar siding is king — so the search is complicated.

—Problem then and now. An oldie but a goodie, problem-wise, from 2010 is recalled by reader Sachin Bansal: rubber-backed mats that discolor vinyl tile.

According to flooring manufacturer Armstrong, antioxidant chemical compounds are formulated into some rubber materials to extend the life of the rubber and prevent brittleness.

Some antioxidants react chemically with ingredients in flexible vinyl to produce a yellowish stain, known as "antioxidant staining."

Any rubber containing those antioxidants that comes in contact with vinyl flooring could produce this staining: rubber mats; rubber-backed rugs; rubber wheels on carts.

To avoid stains, make sure that mats and wheels are made of a "nonstaining" type of rubber. The products’ labels typically provide this information.

Experts say it is highly unlikely that the yellowing can be removed.

—A tankless fan. Mary Ellen Ryan of Lower Gwynedd, Pa., loves her tankless water heater, and here’s why:

"It is nice to know we are not heating water when we are traveling."

"I have no problem adjusting water temperature."

"When our five grown children and their families are visiting, we often hear comments about how we do not run out of hot water after numerous showers."

"It is energy-efficient."

"As a bonus, it takes up less room in the basement."