An ethereal paper lantern that's actually made of glass

McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

The Rituals XL, by Italian lighting Foscarini, gives off the effect of a Japanese paper lantern but is made of blown, satin-effect glass.

Japanese rice paper lanterns are an interior design staple, adding lovely ambience to indoor and outdoor spaces with their diffuse, warm light. On nighttime strolls down my street, Iím always enamored of the giant paper lantern hanging in the window of a yoga studio thatís housed in an old brownstone, its massive scale giving it the effect of a magical glowing orb.

Such delicate lamps donít last long, however, prone as they are to rips, punctures and tears. In a clever move, Italian lighting designer Foscarini has created a lamp that evokes the lightness of rice paper but is, in fact, made of Venetian blown glass. Designed by Milan-based architects Ludocvica and Roberto Palomba, Rituals XL is, indeed, an extra-large lamp, albeit one thatís both dramatic and durable.

Surface incisions, created using an ancient technique of grinding blown glass, give Rituals XL an organic feel akin to a Japanese lantern. Inspired by the work of Isamu Noguchi, it would work well in many settings, evoking a mediative mood. Info: