A wine stopper that answers the question ‘When was this bottle opened?’

McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

The "A Date With Wine" wine stopper displays what day and month a wine bottle was opened.

"How old is this wine?"

It’s a common question, whether you’re riffling through your own refrigerator or someone else’s wine stash and happen upon an already opened bottle.

A couple of days? Still drinkable. A week? Possibly drinkable, depends on the wine. Two months? Eh … not so much.

Designer George Lee, founder of Le Mouton Noir and Co. — a New York company specializing in quirky, sleek and ingenious household products (sort of like a streamlined Sharper Image) — has helped put a cork in the question "How old is this wine?" His smart solution: a wine stopper with a twistable date ring to quickly and simply display the day and month a particular wine bottle was opened. Featuring food-grade stainless steel and silicone rubber rings, the sturdy A Date with Wine stopper rests firmly in the bottle spout to ensure that wine stays fresh (and air stays out). But it’s also easy to grip and remove from the bottle.

The best part, of course, is that it takes the guesswork out of enjoying leftover wine. Because no one wants to waste wine. This well-designed corking device is a great little gift for any oenophile.

More info at www.lemoutonnoirandco.com