Your Place: Rocking robins with balloons, plastic bags

McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

Three readers have come to the rescue of our neighborhood, which has been dodging the slings and arrows of an outrageous robin on the make since the cold weather began easing up a bit.

Maybe not slings and arrows, but enough birdie poop to leave our cars looking rather yucky.

We, of course, realize the robin is looking for love, but our cars qualify as all the wrong places.

Readers Eleanor Yodis, Jerry Christie, and Karen Giordano merit gratitude for their suggestions.

From Christie: "As someone abused over several years by a robin, and the subject of family jokes and humor, I have found the solution to the robin sitting on my mirrors and leaving deposits this time of year.

"I tried pushing the mirrors in, but the birds continue to sit on them and leave their deposits. By placing plastic bags with rubber bands over the mirrors, the robins will stop sitting on the mirrors.

"It is an inconvenience, but works, but it takes about three weeks."

Yodis agrees, suggesting plastic bags from the supermarket.

Giordano has a suggestion that might work in the blueberry patch, as well.

"My neighbor and I resorted to attaching Mylar balloons to our side mirrors. It worked very well and was the least expensive option to deter Mr. Robin.

"They all also work well from keeping birds out of our vegetable gardens."