Survey on combining West Bend schools online till Tuesday
Respondents so far favor keeping both East and West

By MITCH MAERSCH - GM Today Staff 

August 22, 2008

WEST BEND - The survey on whether or not to combine East and West into one high school remains open through Tuesday.



The High School Study Team on Thursday saw a report on results so far. Of 358 responses, 217, or 60.6 percent, prefer the two-school format remains. Those voting for one school total 122, 34.7 percent, with 19 marking no preference.

The survey seeks feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of a two- and one-high school system. Survey takes say athletic participation is so far the top strength of the two-high school system. Disciplinary consistency is the top weakness.

The survey:

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This story appeared in The Daily News on August 22, 2008.