Donations to toy-gifting programs follow economy down
Still, number of families in need continues to rise


December 12, 2008

Gingerbread House volunteer Bill White sorts toy donations Thursday afternoon at the Gingerbread House in West Bend. 

WEST BEND - Local organizations are hoping for a Christmas miracle this year, as the need for help continues to rise.

"Toy donations are down this year," said Linda White, director of the Gingerbread House, a West Bend organization which works to provide Christmas presents for entire families throughout Wash-ington County.

While toy donations are down, the number of families in need is up dramatically.




Last year the organization helped 400 families, and so far they have 500 families asking for help. That number is expected to be higher, however, since White said families can come in right up until Christmas Eve if they need help.

The same holds true in Hartford, which holds its own donation, through the Hartford Christmas Project. This year, organizer Marge Klink, said there are 40 more families in need.

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This story appeared in The Daily News on December 12, 2008.