Waukesha still pursuing town land 
for two wells
Eminent domain proceedings for 42 acres remain active, 
but results of property appraisal not released

By LINDA McALPINE - GM Today Staff 

February 22, 2008

WAUKESHA - The city intends to continue with eminent domain proceedings for 42 acres of land it wants in the town of Waukesha for several new shallow wells, but just what that may cost is being kept under wraps for now.



The common council met in closed session Thursday to discuss the long-awaited independent appraisal on the property, but no action was taken once members convened in open session.

Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson said direction was given to legal counsel in the closed session, but beyond that, he declined to comment.

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This story appeared in The Freeman on February 22, 2008.