Local leaders press for Great Lakes compact with sovereignty
Fate of Waukesha’s water hopes could rest with Michigan

By JOE PETRIE - GM Today Staff 

February 29, 2008

WAUKESHA - If the Great Lakes Water Compact isn’t passed with certain wording, Waukesha leaders warned Thursday that Michigan politicians will hold the area hostage because they’ve historically been against any type of diversionary efforts.



During a conference of state thoughts on the world’s largest freshwater resource, Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas said Michigan leaders, no matter their political affiliation, have often denied efforts by other Great Lakes states to acquire water. And, Vrakas said, Wisconsin could suffer the same fate under a weak compact agreement.

"The idea is to remove the politics around it and make science critical in the decision making," he said. "Then and only then can we do what’s right."

Vrakas made the comments as part of a discussion held by the Waukesha County Chamber of Commerce on the compact Thursday at the Country Springs Hotel. More than 100 political and business leaders attended the event.

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This story appeared in The Freeman on February 29, 2008.