Fallen soldier put Iraq war 
into words for all

By ED ZAGORSKI - GM Today Staff

January 8, 2008

TOWN OF CEDARBURG - Some may have not known him personally, but they knew U.S. Army Major Andrew Olmsted through his in-depth prose he posted on his blog, "From the Front Lines" through the Colorado newspaper Rocky Mountain News’ Web site.



"He wanted to defend what we have and defend what has worked for us for so long. He wanted to spread what we have in the United States throughout the world," said his father, Wes, who has lived with his wife Nancy in the town of Cedarburg for 17 years. "He believed in duty, country and honor, and he died doing what he believed in. Andy’s gone, but I’ll never forget him."

The Army major, who grew up in Massachusetts and logged several years in the service, was 37 years old when he died in a small arms firefight in Iraq on Thursday.

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This story appeared in the Ozaukee News Graphic on January 8, 2008.