Delafield to probe unusual 
$750K fund transfer
Alderman: ‘I just want to know how that could happen’

By CALEY MEALS - GM Today Staff 

July 9, 2008

DELAFIELD - When word got out Monday night that in 2007, $750,000 was moved out of the city’s sewer utility fund into the city’s water utility fund, without council approval or notice, several aldermen and city officials were visibly upset.



The fund transfer will now be included as a discussion item on the agenda for the Delafield Common Council’s next meeting, scheduled for July 21.

"It’s pretty odd that (three-quarters) of a million dollars could shift without us knowing or approving it," Alderman Erv Sadowski said Tuesday. "I just want to know how that could happen."

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This story appeared in The Freeman on July 9, 2008.