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Some government bodies charge heavily for records

By JOE PETRIE - GM Today Staff 

July 19, 2008

WAUKESHA - Because of the variance in costs that different municipal bodies charge for public records under the Freedom of Information Act, some citizens may only be allowed to know what they can afford.

In an investigation by The Freeman, it was discovered that government bodies charge vastly differing amounts for information and, in some cases, much more than the average person can afford.




On July 1, The Freeman filed open records requests with seven county school districts asking for copies of travel expense reimbursements and credit card statements for district administrators and school board members during the past fiscal year. In the requests, The Freeman asked the districts to inform us if the documents would cost more than $20. The Muskego-Norway School District, Pewaukee School District and Kettle Moraine School Districts have notified the paper they’re proceeding with the requests but didn’t say they would cost more than $20.

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This story appeared in The Freeman on July 19, 2008.