West takes second at Academic Decathlon
Two students break national record


May 4, 2008

WAUKESHA ­ The finale for the Waukesha West High School Academic Decathlonıs
team ended with a second overall place finish for it and with two team members breaking national records with their individual scores.




With a total score of 53,096 Waukesha West finished behind first place winner, Moorpark from Ventura County , Calif. , which had a score of 53,119. The difference was only 23 points or about one question, Duane Stein, West team coach, said.

Alli Blonski and David Haughney, both West seniors, broke national individual records. Blonski scored 9,321 and Haughney scored 9,300.

Stein said in a phone interview Saturday from California that the second
place finish was bittersweet because the team was really hoping to take the title.

However, Stein remained proud of his team members. ''The kids just did marvelously and I canıt tell you how proud of them I am,'' he said.

Stein was clearly in a good mood as he joked about Westıs influence on California .

''We were the minor little earthquake from Wisconsin and we shook them up,'' he said.

The nine person team of West juniors and seniors took 30 individual awards during the two-day Academic Decathlon which tests students on art, economics, literature, math, social science and Super Quiz. Stein said the West team members took 11 bronze, 10 silver and nine gold individual awards.

''We rattled them and it was great'' Stein said.''Waukesha, Wisconsin should be proud of these kids and for what they accomplished and how they opened up California's eyes.''

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