Homebuyer tax credit 
changing the game
Realtors remain optimistic for improvements in marketplace


February 19, 2009

A sign announcing a nearby house for sale stands posted along Wildberry Court at Rempe Drive in Waukesha.

BROOKFIELD - First-time homebuyer Kelly Walt said she has certain criteria for her future house, including cost. So, she was concerned to hear that some home sellers are increasing the cost of their homes in response to the first-time homebuyer tax credit.

"Thatís a huge relief off your back to have $8,000 that you donít have to pay back," she said.




Walt, 24, started to search for a starter home in the town of Brookfield and Waukesha-area about nine months ago. She only has a single income to pay for the house so cost is a huge factor in her decision.

Since beginning her search, she said she has found homes that are priced too high for her budget and some that are priced above assessed value.

Walt said she has heard from Realtors that home sellers are raising their prices in response to the up to $8,000 revised first-time homebuyer tax credit approved Tuesday by President Obama.

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This story appeared in The Freeman on February 19, 2009.