Milwaukee to get Pabst Farms interchange funds?
Mayor Barrett calls on state to switch money for projects in his city

By JEFF RUMAGE - GM Today Staff

February 26, 2009

OCONOMOWOC - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is calling on the state to take funding away from the local Interstate 94 interchange proposed for Highway P and invest it in roads in Milwaukee instead.




"The first action we should take is to re-direct the state’s $21 million appropriation for the construction of the Pabst Farms exit. That money should go into local roads," Barrett said Wednesday in his State of the City speech. "Let’s put those dollars to work repairing potholes and paving local roads that are heavily traveled right now."

Barrett called on regional leaders to join together and demand federal and state transportation officials fund local roads and mass transit projects.

Oconomowoc Mayor Maury Sullivan said the interchange is needed to accommodate the potential traffic brought in by Pabst Farms’ proposed business park, retail and commercial uses, as well as the new Aurora Medical Center in the town of Summit.

"The fact that he wants more money for his city doesn’t surprise me," Sullivan said of Barrett’s comments. "But I think he needs to recognize other transportation needs that lie outside the City of Milwaukee."

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This story appeared in The Freeman on February 26, 2009.