Local leaders share thoughts 
on what's next for Obama
There's no shortage of opinions on new president's agenda


January 21, 2009

State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend)

WEST BEND - As Barack Obama took the oath of the highest office in the land Tuesday, local political leaders had their own thoughts on what he will need to do to get the country back on track.

State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) said government spending has to slow.

"George Bush was an economic failure because he encouraged private debt and spent too much publicly," he said. "For Obama to be a success, he’s got to use his popularity to explain to people the government cannot be all things to all people. And if he continues down the Bush path of excessive spending and new government regulation, he will make our economy worse.

"We desperately need politicians in this country who are willing to tell people more government spending is not the answer to our problems," he said.




Michael Schlotfeldt, chairman of the Democratic Party of Washing-ton County, is impressed with his party’s new leader.

"I think his message of unity he expressed is a very important step as he pushes through his stimulus package that he proposed," he said of Obama’s inauguration speech.

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This story appeared in The Daily News on January 21, 2009.